TB 500 Benefits & Side Effects

Review 2020 - TB 500

BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION TO TB 500 The reputation that TB 500 has acquired in recent times has made it a compulsory addition to the collection of determined bodybuilders. This popular supplement is a synthetic representation of an essential peptide known as …

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Trenbolone: Positives & Negatives of the Steroid

ALL YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT TRENBOLONE The steroid Trenbolone which is a derivative of Nandrolone is also popularly identified by other names such as Trienolone and Trienolone; the anabolic androgen has molar a mass is 270.37 g/mol, with a chemical …

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Masteron Benefits & Side Effects

OVERVIEW OF MASTERON Masteron, whose original name is Drostanolone Propionate or Drostanolone Enanthate, was developed and marketed by the pharmaceutical company Syntex under the brand names Metormon and Masteril in 1959. The oil-based steroid was introduced in 1970 and was …

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