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The Ideal SARMS for Weight Loss


Andarine is one of the best SARMS for weight loss available in the market. There has been an increase in awareness of the consequences of obesity. The reorientation that has amplified the benefits of a healthy weight for optimum health has resulted in a surge in the number of individuals seeking for healthy ways to lose weight. In recent times there has been a proliferation of weight loss supplements, and some of these supplements are more of money-spinners with no significant effect on the body. Since most people who are interested in weight loss seek rapid results, the use of steroids and participation in gym workout sessions is becoming the norm since this alternative guarantees fast result.

Although having the ideal physique comes at a considerable cost, the advancement in science and technology has provided healthy alternatives that can get the work done without posing unquantifiable health risks to our bodies. SARMS are effective alternatives for weight loss, and there is no longer that unavoidable need to subject the body to dangerous materials that can compromise the health.

Can SARMS help with Weight Loss?

Yes, there is no doubt about the distinguishing feature of SARMS as a Weight Loss Remedy that helps people lose weight without throwing away valuable muscles with it.

This review will not only open the reader to the world of SARMS, and readers should expect to find out the pros and cons of utilizing SARMS for Weight Loss Desires. These SARMS work differently, and there are four in particular that has produced the most incredible results and feedback from the users. It should, therefore, be noted that the most effective SARMS for a healthy weight loss are Andarine, Cardarine, Ligandrol and Stenabolic. They are discussed in no particular order, so it pays to read this article to make the best choice.


GTX, the parent pharmaceutical company manufacturing Andarine was created to help combat enlarged prostate primarily, and so it was not initially produced for weight loss. Although the effect of Andarine cannot be compared to that of other SARMS, it has been verified to have utility for weight loss. So. So people who seek for ways to slim down moderately will find Andarine to be highly effective.

The Process

Andarine prevents muscle from wasting like other SARMS. It also has the capacity to increases the general strength significantly while promotes weight loss and the development of lean muscle mass.
It enhances the synthesis of protein in the body which will facilitate the healthy loss of fat in the body while developing muscles. Andarine creates this process by binding with androgen receptors.

The Side effects of Andarine

Andarine was primarily created for an entirely different medical purpose, and this may explain why it has severe side effects when compared to other SARMS. The most extreme side effect reported from the use of Andarine is that it affects vision and results in conditions like night blindness. It must be mentioned that reports of this are rare and it is mostly as a result of consuming high dosages of the supplement.

The recommended dosage for Andarine is daily use of 50mg for 4 weeks. Andarine is more effective when paired with other supplements, and this will require reducing this standard dose. Cardarine is a recommended supplement that is frequently paired with Andarine. If Andarine is paired, the dosage should be split at 25mg of Andarine and 20mg of Cardarine daily.

For those whose intention is to have a renaissance of their physique with the use of Andarine, Ostarine may be added to the mix. With this stacking combination, the routine becomes 50mg of Andarine, 20 mg of Cardarine and 25mg of Ostarine daily. If this routine is accompanied by a well-structured workout routine and a healthy diet, users should expect the best results.


Ligandrol continues to be regarded as one of the best SARMS for weight loss available today. Initially created to ensure that healthy muscle mass is not lost when shedding weight, Ligand pharmaceuticals, the manufacturing company put in a lot to the manufacturing process which has made Ligandrol one of the best in this regard. From the pragmatic studies carried out on the most frequently used SARMS, the results from Ligandrol are quite impressive. Its principal function is to encourage the severe burning of calories during workouts to shed excess weight.

What we should always appreciate the most about any weight loss protocol is its safety. If weight shedding is done through healthy means, dire consequences will not occur, and studies carried out on Ligandrol over time has verified this. Ligandrol is very safe for weight loss and will not compromise the user’s health in any way.

Additionally, another essential feature that distinguishes Ligandrol is that this SARMS works with the effects associated with steroids. On top of these users will also not experience any of the side effects that develop from using steroids. Steroids have been known to cause some temporary and irreversible side effects which make their usage very unattractive. Ligandrol helps with effective weight loss while preventing muscle wastage.

The Process

Ligandrol targets the body’s androgen receptors and binds with these receptors. By attaching itself in this manner, it prevents the bones and muscles from suffering harm while impacting an anabolic effect on the body.

Through this process, Ligandrol not only develops the muscles but also enhances the muscles developed. It also has a significant positive impact on the overall strength of users. Ligandrol also helps to strengthen muscle density which creates a healthy environment to support more muscles. One direct result of increased strength while losing weight is that users become less prone to injuries.

The Side effects of Andarine

Although SARMS are mostly healthy and even have the benefits of steroids without the pronounced side effects, there are also specific peculiar mild side effects, and users must cautiously watch out.

The most reported side effect of Ligandrol is headaches and hair growth. It is also reported among some first-time users that an initial period of fatigue is experienced. It happens when the body is newly adjusting to its usage. Although any form of discomfort is a discomfort nonetheless, the side effects of Ligandrol are not the most extreme. There are a lot of medications that are known to trigger headaches, and unless this is a severe type that does not pass quickly, it should not cause any worries. Since Ligandrol is known to increase one’s energy levels, the first time user should expect any form of fatigue experienced to be very brief. When Ligandrol starts to take its course on the user, fatigue will fade away.

Ligandrol is an oral supplement which has a 24 hours half-life. It makes it a desirable choice for those who avoid using needles and shooting up at all cost. To realize the best results from Ligandrol and prevent the occurrence of unfavourable situations, users must stick to the prescribed routine dosage.

The most effective dosage for Ligandrol for healthy weight loss is using a daily dosage of between 3mg to 5mg for 8 weeks. It is the standard for Ligandrol as a weight loss formula. This recommendation should be followed to prevent extreme situations. It must not, for any reason, be used for more than 12 weeks.

Relying on a supplement for weight loss alone may not be sufficient without establishing very decent workout routine and consuming only healthy meals. To have more visible results, Ligandrol may be stacked with other supplements. Andarine and Cardarine are perfect options.


Cardarine was developed in the 1990s and as continued to wax stronger as a supplement offering a host of benefits to users. This supplement may be found to be quite similar to Ligandrol with the way it helps users shed weight and boost endurance levels. There is, however, a slight difference. The most distinguishing feature of Cardarine is that it can reduce LDL cholesterol while increasing HDL cholesterol simultaneously. By implication, this supplement is highly beneficial in preventing and combating cardiovascular diseases.

Cardarine is also highly effective in preventing disorders associated with metabolism and reversing pre-diabetic disorders among men.

The Process

It is instructive to mention that Cardarine is not really a SARMS but is only qualified as such because it gives benefits similar to what SARMS offer. Cardarine is a PPAR gamma receptor agonist. In simple terms, this process means that during rest, Cardarine effectively helps to facilitate the weight loss process without compromising the strength and endurance levels of its users. It makes Cardarine a wonder drug as it allows users to actualize having the perfect body without the compulsory risks of exposing the body system to diseases and disorders of all sorts.

The Side effects of Andarine

One of the unfortunate but unsubstantiated reported side effects associated with Cardarine is that this supplement can lead to Cancer. There has been a series of studies carried out on animals which have indicated this. Such studies are, however, limited to only animals. Regardless of the absence of studies on the cancer risks of Cardarine on humans, it has continued to be regarded as a supplement that may lead to Cancer.

In reaction to these claims in 2004, the American Association of Cancer Research succinctly expressed its opinion on the reports tagging Cardarine as a cancer causative supplement. Cardarine was discovered not to have any effect whatsoever on cell growth which falsifies the cancer claims. Ina similar vein, the National Institute of Health announced that contrary to the infamous claim on Cancer, Cardarine was capable of inhibiting the growth of Cancer.

It is safe to say that Cardarine is effective for losing weight and does not pose any carcinogenic risk to its users. It will be the case if we are judging from the unsubstantiated claims and reactive counterclaim. Since the Cancer-related rumour which has been debunked is the only reported possible side effect after several studies spanning over two decades, there are no potential health risks with Cardarine.

It is okay to use Cardarine alone, but it is highly effective for weight loss when stacked with Ligandrol. Cardarine should be administered at 20mg daily for 8 weeks. Still, new beginners that are just getting introduced to supplements like this are advised to start their regimen with a minimal and lesser amount. Incorporating this will help users to observe how their bodies react to Cardarine before they can make sound decisions on how best to proceed with the dosage.

The instruction on how to start small may sound somewhat ambiguous to the new beginner. The simple way to handle this is to split the daily dosage; that is, 20mg daily becomes 10mg twice at different times of the day. A recommended spacing is to observe at least 10 hours after the first 10mg before taking the other 10mg.

But how can we start small? Well, it’s pretty easy. All we would have to do is split the daily intake into two 10 mg dosages. After taking the first one, we need to wait for about 10 hours to take the next one.

Cardarine has demonstrated benefits for individuals following a ketogenic diet. Therefore, users are advised to maintain a healthy eating habit to get the best out of this supplement. One more useful tip here is that Cardarine should be taken 1 hour prior to exercising so that the supplement kicks in before the muscles are put to work.


Stenabolic completes our lists of the most effective SARMS for weight loss. Like the other supplements listed, Stenabolic is highly effective for losing weight while protecting the muscle mass from unnecessary wastage. People conscious of their bodies will find Stenabolic to be valuable in improving the rate of metabolism in the body and shedding weight healthily. Stenabolic also can seriously increase the amount of energy the body can utilize for physically exerting activities. This process is encouraged by increasing mitochondria in the muscle cells.

The Process

Stenabolic has a unique mode of operation in the body. Unlike the other SARMS on the list, Stenabolic binds itself to a protein known as Rev-erb. Rev-erb is a protein that is known to influence how we lose weight and is also known to have an impact on the body’s glucose levels. When Stenabolic binds with Rev-erb in the body, the rate at which the body converts calories to fat cells is severely inhibited, and this alternately affects body weight. When this is combined with an increased energy level which means more physical exercise at the gym, the effects of Stenabolic will manifest as quick as possible.

The Side effects of Stenabolic

Several studies and attempts have been made directed at understanding the side effects associated with Stenabolic, and the good news is that there is no side effect on record. It merely means Stenabolic is a must get a supplement for anyone looking to rid themselves of some excess weight.

Stenabolic needs to be taken several times a day because this supplement has a very short half-life. Since there are no reported side effects, users should see this as their only source of concern regarding this supplement. 20mg daily split into two separate doses is the recommended dosage for stenabolic. 10mg in the morning and the other half later is a suitable option. Some users who seek faster results and are used to supplements have been known to use 30mg split into different doses daily. This administration is usually spaced within the intervals of 4 hours.

Stenabolic may be stacked with so many SARMS, but Cardarine has been known to be the most effective of them all. It is also a preferred option for athletes and bodybuilders because the results they get is more than what just a single SARMS offers.


For the elimination of very stubborn body fat, there is a need to utilize the most potent weapons in the pharmaceutical arsenal to increase the chances of seeing the best results. With the quality SARMS listed, healthy weight loss is not something to dream about but a reality that can be made.