Crazy Bulk Review – Are they Legit?


The craze for the perfect body, the abs, the muscles, and optimum performance in sports when it is needed is a dominant desire in the sports industry. The emergence and popularity of steroids and powerful stimulants which give competitors an edge over their counterparts has led to an increased obsession among competitors with this substance. Due to the high demand for these products, the pharmaceutical industry has witnessed a massive proliferation of steroids and performance-enhancing stimulants. This trend has created a kind of conundrum for aspiring steroid users because, primarily, it is difficult for the person to distinguish between what is real and what is just a marketing gimmick.

We are surrounded by so many manufacturers, and they claim to have what we are looking for, but more than half of these groups want to sell us their products. There are a lot of these supplements out there, some of them are effective, but they compromise good health, while some of them aren’t helpful at all. Besides the few companies out there that prioritize health, a great deal of difficulty has to be encountered in identifying a good bodybuilder as well as identifying such companies.

The process involved in making effective and reliable products that do not risk the health of its users requires huge finances and expertise, and most of the marketers of steroids who claim to sell the best products don’t even have such resources at their disposal. This lack of resources may sometimes tempt manufacturers to add illegal substances to their products to get quick short term results, but this will put users at severe risks. The use of these low-quality products must be avoided by athletes and bodybuilders, by all means, necessary because it not only puts them at risk of serious diseases but may contain banned substances which can get them into trouble with the law.

There is a need to conduct extensive research before deciding on which products to use. Users must also endeavor to investigate manufacturers and vendors to verify their reputation before purchasing their products. Crazy Bulk is one of the few companies with a verified reputation for quality. This company is among the foremost supplement manufacturers in the industry, selling completely legal substances. Newbies who have just being introduced to the world of steroids may have encountered the name Crazy bulk during their research on the best products to use. This article is meant to guide their decision-making process.


The fame and reputation of Crazy Bulk were founded on the uniqueness of their products. In an industry that is well known for effective but banned substances, this online vendor sells supplements they have classified as Legal Steroids. The categorization of their product line should not confuse the reader because what they sell is not actual steroids. By now, everyone knows the dangers that steroid use exposes its users to. What Crazy Bulk sells are merely classified as Legal steroids; this is because of what they do and how they do this.

These legal steroids are supplements composed of the most natural ingredients that work in ways similar to anabolic steroids. They are different because even though they help to grow the muscles through their anabolic effects, their natural composition makes them safe for human consumption, unlike anabolic steroids, with so many associated side effects. The chemical composition of anabolic steroids though highly effective for its anabolic properties, heaps undesirable conditions on the user, side effects that may be as extreme as death, and this is not a risk worth taking at all.

It is the difference between human-made hormones and naturally produced hormones, synthesized products, and those derived from natural plant sources. The legal steroids marketed by Crazy Bulk are manufactured as dietary supplements that are entirely derived from plants and herbs that are famous for their properties.

The products sold by Crazy Bulk are meant to be replacements for particular anabolic steroids, some of these products even mimic the names of the steroids they replace and can easily be identified by users from the similarity in their names.  For example, Trenorol is a replacement for Trenbolone, and Clenbutrol is a replacement for Clenbuterol, etc.


Since this is not meant to be a comprehensive product review but a description and evaluation of Crazy Bulk, the company, in particular, we shall list some of their products and the anabolic steroids they can effectively replace. A more detailed description of their products may be accessed from the company’s online platform, where they have released comprehensive information on each product.

The information contained also reveals the ingredients used in manufacturing each product, and this is very important for a first time user. Our research showed that all these products contain 100% natural ingredients, as the company claims. This information may be helpful to people who have some specific allergies or suffer from certain conditions to understand the contraindications due to the use of other medications so that they can choose the right products. Most companies do not practice this principle of full disclosure, so this is very impressive and very commendable.

A list of some of Crazy Bulk’s well-used products includes:

A-Drol –   this is a replacement for Anadrole. It improves oxygen circulation in the body, thereby increasing the user’s endurance level.

Anvarol – this replacement for Anavar, Anvarol, improves the release of ATP, Adenosine triphosphate, which is the body’s primary energy molecule.

Clenbutrol – this is a replacement for Clenbuterol, Clenbutrol facilitates fat burning by increasing the rate of metabolism in the body.

D-Bal – this is a replacement for Dianabol. D-Bal improves helps the body to retain sufficient nitrogen, which facilitates the retention of essential bodybuilding proteins.

Decaduro – this replaces the steroid D-KA. It also improves the body’s nitrogen retention rate, which is essential for the proper development of muscles.

Gynectrol – Gynectrol is a curative legal steroid used to treat gynecomastia and pseudogynemastia, it eliminates the fat stored in the chest and its surrounding regions, particularly in men.

HGH-X2 – this is a legal steroid that conditions the body to produce more HGH, the Human Growth Hormone, which speeds up the growth of muscles in the body.

NO2-Max – this legal steroid promotes endurance levels in the body by facilitating the proper circulation of blood in the body. ThisIt propels the distribution of oxygen, which fuels the body.

Testosterone Max – as the name implies, this legal steroid naturally replaces testosterone where there is a deficiency of this essential hormone in the body. The more testosterone the body has, the better it functions.

TBAL75 – This is a replacement for Trenbolone. It is a fat-burning legal steroid that also promotes the development of muscle mass in the body.

Winidrol – this is a replacement for Winstrol, it enhances performance by building muscles and increasing strength and endurance in the body.


The main reason for using these products is to get the best results, so it is not unusual to wonder what benefits that can be derived from the array of products crazy bulk offers or to be sure of how effective these products are.

Now here is an unbiased truth, Crazy Bulk products are quite effective. The reason why there is a craze for steroids is because of how rapid they work. We have already established the dangers that accompany these benefits. Crazy Bulk products are very effective. Still, they do not give the aggressively rapid results of steroids. They instead deliver these results gradually primarily when they are backed up with a balanced diet rich in bodybuilding nutrients and an organized training or workout routine.

So users should understand that crazy bulk products are effective but take more time than anabolic steroids would take to deliver. For those who want alternatives to anabolic steroids, Crazy Bulk products are one of the most effective legal steroids currently available in the market.

It is imperative to have a regulated expectation when using products from Crazy Bulk. Using Crazy Bulk products with supporting the structure of a healthy diet and committed workout routine will give you the transformation you desire. Still, this desire must be moderate and realistic. Users should not expect to get the physique of the world’s strongest man overnight because they may end up being very disappointed.

There is also the need to select the right products. Our bodies are designed differently, and what works well for User A may not achieve the same results for User B. There is also the issue of stacking. The right stacking combination of Crazy Bulk products will help users realize the best results from these products, so they must take time to decide on what they want and understand the ingredients in these legal steroids.


One of the most unattractive things about anabolic steroids is that a higher number of these steroids have to be injected into the bloodstream to get the best results. Asides from the noticeable side effects which discourage its use, this is one other factor that has created a stereotypical view around anabolic steroids as some even compare them to hard drugs.

Once again, Crazy Bulk takes the award because, unlike the scary and unattractive injections, the product line of Crazy Bulk comes in tablets and powders and is orally administered.

We have now established the fact that Crazy Bulk products effectively work as the company advertises, but how about the potential side effects of using these legal steroids? The most reliable way to get information in this regard is the reviews from customers who have patronized and utilized crazy bulk products. The hundreds and even thousands of reviews available online point to the effectiveness of Crazy Bulk products, and there is a dearth of negative reviews.

There are few records of reactions to some of these products. Allergies usually cause these from some of the natural ingredients used in designing these steroids. It is why it is essential to read labels properly before using these products. It is also necessary to avoid using other illegal substances while using legal steroids. There is also the need to stick to the recommended dosage and avoid abusing or misusing these steroids.


Customers are the bosses for companies offering the sales or distribution of goods and services, and the satisfaction of customers will show how effective a company is. Genuine customer reviews are reliable meters to measure if a company’s product does what it claims to do.

What this company offers are high-quality products and so far so good, a huge percentage of customers using these supplements agree on the effectiveness of what this company provides. These reviews are what we rely on and why we recommend Crazy Bulk products for those who want an effective alternative to anabolic steroids.