Trenbolone: Positives & Negatives of the Steroid


The steroid Trenbolone which is a derivative of Nandrolone is also popularly identified by other names such as Trienolone and Trienolone; the anabolic androgen has molar a mass is 270.37 g/mol, with a chemical formula represented as C18H22O2. The legal steroid Trenbolone is not marketed as Trenbolone but is available in different forms like Trenbolone acetate and Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. Popular brand names in the markets include brand names like and Finajet and Finaplix. Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate has brand names like Hexabolan and Parabolan under which it is marketed and sold, it has been administered to humans in the past in during clinical treatments, but Trenbolone acetate has mostly used in veterinary medicine.

Trenbolone is now a supplement, it is not classified as a prescription drug anymore.

Trenbolone is injected intramuscularly as an ester. Today, Trenbolone is classified as a progestogen. According to the US and Canadian regulatory bodies, many studies have shown the steroid’s metabolites to be related to a number of biological processes and it is expressed in the form of a highly bioavailable compound typically with a half-life of 72 hours.


The origin of Trenbolone comes from the efforts of Hoechst-Roussel, a German that developed the steroid in 1963 as a purely veterinary product. Trenbolone acetate is the veterinary medicine derivative of Trenbolone to date. The aim was to use it to enhance mineral absorption, improve muscle mass and maximize the efficiency of livestock feeds. The steroid’s effectiveness is as a result of its anabolic and androgenic properties. Once the substance is esterified and metabolized, the muscles increase its uptake of ammonium ions.

Due to this process, Trenbolone potency is so strong it is established to be five times as strong as testosterone. This ranking is because the process results in minimizing catabolism. It also restores the appetite and enhances protein synthesis.

It enhances protein synthesis, stimulates appetite and reduces catabolism. Trenbolone is a potent steroid. Studies have proven that it is five times as potent as testosterone. Although performance enhancement steroids and drugs are popular with athletes and bodybuilders trying to increase the bulk of their muscles, countries have different regulations controlling their possession and usage. For example, it may be purchased as a prescription drug or steroid in Australia but considered as a controlled substance in the United States. In some countries where Trenbolone is a legal steroid, possessing it in commercial quantities may be regarded as suspicious. In Canada, Trenbolone is a drug.


Trenbolone is a supplement that helps to enhance performance, increases muscle bulk and helps in eliminating excess fat from the body. The steroid is used by bodybuilders to establish more abundant and more conspicuous muscles. The supplement takes effect by facilitating the growth of lean mass and cutting off excess body fat. It helps the body to build its endurance capacity, and surprisingly, these effects are not noticeable in weight. All these qualities give it a massive edge over testosterone, and it is proven to be five times more potent. This potency may, unfortunately, produce more significant side effects for users if the dosage wrongly administered.

Trenbolone is known to enhance hyperplasia and hypertrophy through the secretion of the hormone IGF-1. In essence, it helps to intensify the emergence of new cells in the muscle and foster muscle growth. Trenbolone steroids are also known to facilitate the synthesis of protein which helps the body reconstruction; it helps to repair itself and effectively replace the tissues damaged in the body. Through this process, the muscles tissues are stronger. The importance of proteins during workouts are too many. It is responsible for recovery during and after workouts, the process through which muscles are built up.

This effective steroid helps to retain nitrogen which is protein’s most crucial component. During protein synthesis, nitrogen is retained in amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. This retention sustains a rapid and fast track-growth of muscles. Nitrogen is essential because its deficiency during the muscle-building process may hamper the entire process at its most critical phase. This situation can be avoided with adequate nitrogen availability.

Nitrogen also helps the circulatory system to increase adequate oxygen circulation in the entire body. This is achieved through a considerable increase in the production of red blood cells. Proper oxygen circulation means more stamina, an increase in strength and building of endurance.


Now, as an indicator of Trenbolone’s potency when compared to testosterone, 500mg of testosterone is an equivalent of 100mg of Trenbolone. 1000mg of Testosterone equals 200mg of Trenbolone while 2500mg equals 500mg respectively. The disparity is massive no doubt so what testosterone can help achieve, Trenbolone is five times more capable. Trenbolone dosage should be cautiously administered and in gradual increments according to the phase and tolerance level of the user. This dosage variation may be increased upwardly by a beginner until the user reaches the advanced phase.

Trenbolone users should try and establish a regimen of bulking and cutting. This practice is a standard regimen for using the compound. During the bulking phase, it helps to pack up strength and results in an increase in size. Due to its distinctive quality of not retaining water or causing bloating like some other steroids, it is also useful for the early cutting phase. A post regimen therapy should accompany the final stage, and stopped after a useful bulking and cutting course.

New users of Trenbolone may start administering the steroid from 200mg during the first two weeks. 300mg is also excellent, but beginners must avoid anything ranging from above 300mg to 400mg, especially during the first two weeks. After advancing from the beginning phase, dosage may be increased to around 400mg or 500mg per week, although it is advisable to restrict dosage to 400mg. The experienced users may try 500mg per week, but this must also be with caution and the tolerance level, and other factors peculiar to such users matter. Cautious is crucial during administration as lethal doses of Trenbolone may result in dire consequences. This pattern also applies to the very advanced users who have sufficient experience with the steroid. Users should avoid doses ranging from 500mg to 1000mg per week.

Trenbolone regimen can be combined with other legal steroids. Some of these steroids include Deca Durabolin, Anavar, to mention a few.


Some particular factors determine the side effects of Trenbolone range from moderate to extreme but this. These factors include; dosage administration, user’s tolerance level and individual’s health. The most common side effects recorded for males are the symptoms associated with masculinity such as the production of excess oil by the sebaceous glands, Acne occurrence, and increase in breast size. Other side effects that occur in rare cases are sleep deprivation, dehydration from intense perspiration, modification of sex drive and an increase in blood pressure. These side effects are never extreme and are also temporary; they occur briefly.

If Trenbolone is cautiously administered and a well-structured prescription course is adhered to, the side effects will be extremely minimized. Administration of the steroid should be accompanied by intensive workouts to achieve the best results and reduce the occurrence of side effects. If side effects occur and tend to stay for too long, steroid usage should be discontinued immediately, and medical attention should be quickly sought out. It may be an indication that such an individual has specific health issues.