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Masteron Benefits & Side Effects


Masteron was developed and marketed by the pharmaceutical company Syntex under the brand names Metormon and Masteril in 1959. The oil-based steroid was, however, introduced in 1970 and created for therapeutic purposes and to alleviate the sufferings of people who have breast cancer. Masteron is now sold as a steroid and is no longer marketed as the supplement for which it was created foThisIt is probably because more specifically developed drugs have been created for this purpose. This anabolic steroid is administered as an injection.

Although Masteron’s original name is Drostanolone Propionate or Drostanolone Enanthate, there are other names commonly associated with this steroid. These include Masterbol, Masto, and Mast. Its chemical composition is represented as 2a-methyl-androstane-3-one-17b-ol.

These steroid’s many wonderful properties make them very valuable for athletes. As a legal steroid, it was created under the brand name Masteril, and to make it more effective, it was combined with the selective estrogen receptor modulator, Tamoxifen, also known as Nolvadex. Although Masteron is no longer used in the treatment of breast cancer, its effectiveness was widely recognized during the 20 years it was used in this regard. It has now become a significant steroid that athletes and bodybuilders use to build their muscles and physique, so it is now known as a steroid that produces remarkable results.

Bodybuilders typically use Masteron for cutting cycles because it is one of the trendiest options available. With that being said, it’s application for cutting is a result of its anti-estrogenic properties, which make it ideal for fine-tuning muscle development and improving muscle outline.

The varieties of Drostanolone are already outlined in our introduction. The two forms are Propionate and Enanthate. The Enanthate variety has mostly been in use since the early 2000s. It was a result of the many efforts that emanated from the laboratory. The Enanthate variety did not have to be frequently used like its counterparts. Since Masteron was a majorly injected steroid, Masteron Propionate meant more injections, while Enanthate meant fewer doses, and the choice of these two options created for users was an easy one.


The anabolic anti-estrogenic steroid Masteron comes in two forms, Masteron Enanthate and Masteron Propionate. It is very effective for the bulking and cutting cycle of bodybuilding, and this makes it highly valuable for athletes and people who are conscious of their physical fitness. It is attributable to its inbuilt capacity to help with the fine-tuning and refinement of the developed muscles of its users. Users should understand that the Enanthate variety is more recent and is an improvement of the Propionate variety; this is because users prefer fewer injections.

The original Drostanolone, which has popular street names such as Masterbol, Masto, and Mast, is now marketed under different brand names such as Masteron and Mastabol. The two different varieties have different half-lives 2 days and 6 days, respectively, for Masteron Propionate and Masteron Enanthate. This half-life dichotomy makes one particular variety more attractive than the other.


Masteron is considered to be in the A list of exclusive androgenic-anabolic steroids. Until the ’80s, the variety used for treating breast cancer was an anti-estrogen referred to as Masteril. This steroid is derived from dihydrotestosterone, popularly referred to as DHT. It inhibits the functions of the enzymes that enable aromatase and interacts with estrogen to block receptors. It ensures that testosterone is not converted into estrogen through aromatization. It is how it gets its anti-estrogen properties and how it gives the body more testosterone. Masteron is used as a combination with SARMS; it should, however, not be confused with Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators.

Whether it is used in its Drostanolone Propionate or Drostanolone Enanthate, the effect Masteron has on the body is different. While Drostanolone requires a 50mg to 150mg dosage, Drostanolone Enanthate requires a standard 200mg dosage. While the former works quicker than the other and requires more injections, especially on alternate days, the latter requires 2 injections a week and lasts longer in the body; therefore, it requires fewer shots.


Masteron is beneficial for the cutting cycle during bodybuilding. It is essential to recognize its effectiveness for this function to apply it accordingly. Bodybuilders frequently use it during the commencement of the cutting phase, and it works best when there is a defined outline of this cutting cycle. Masteron helps to maintain relatively low estrogen levels and also ensure that water retention is drastically reduced in the muscles. It helps to make the developed muscles to be less flabby and well outlined. With a Masteron dosage during the cutting phase, users are likely to experience better muscle development with less excess fat in view. It is more accentuated in people with low body fat because lesser fat content makes muscles to appear more attractive. For this reason, the water reduction property of this steroid is of high importance.

As highlighted, Masteron is very valuable for the cutting phase. Still, it is not to be considered for the bulking phase because it is comparatively weak to its counterparts in this regard. Its manufacturing design is quite specific, and it does not perform dual functions effectively. If it used during the bulking cycle, it is unlikely to produce any desired result, especially because it does not enable water retention. Lack of water retention during bulking is highly counterproductive. Tissues and muscles need nutrients and fluids to develop appropriately. The beneficial ingredients of this steroids applied will be allowed to perform their functions once water is well retained in the body, but the reverse will be the case if the water is not retained. The implication is that the use of Masteron must be time to realize all its benefits.

Masteron should only be used for those who have a specified bodybuilding desire because this will help to direct how well they will direct their bodybuilding goals to this end. It is not for those who are yet to get rid of excessive fat in their bodies. Even though it maximizes water retention, Masteron is not a fat burner. It instead helps those who have already achieved a low percentage of fat to get a more pronounced physique. Its water retention property is inconsequential for increasing body weight.


Masteron has better utility for people with leaner muscles making developed muscles more attractive. It achieves this effect by preventing bloating and the retention of water in the body. The muscles produced from this process usually appear fuller and firmer. It is the desired appearance of most bodybuilders. It also can improve the strength of the user. Although endurance levels may not be altered, the rate of recovery, especially from exhaustion, improves considerably.

Masteron has so many side effects, just like other steroids. These include acne, increased aggression levels, hair loss, high blood pressure, and the development of male breasts, also known as gynecomastia. These side effects are usually temporary and do not continue when the use of this steroid has been discontinued. Before using Masteron, it is advisable to seek the opinion of a medical professional because this steroid has some contraindications and does not react well with certain medications. This contraindication does not apply to other traditional supplements and steroids usually used by bodybuilders and athletes. The side effects associated with Masteron are generally determined by the user, and it varies from one user to the other. Masteron is safe for consumption and is not in the category of steroids highly regulated by the United States’ Food and Drug Administration.

Water retention, bloating, and gynecomastia, which refer to the development of male boobs, maybe successfully reduced due to the anti-estrogen effect. It is also responsible for the much-defined muscles that develop from using Masteron. It is a highly sought supplement due to these properties. Unlike other supplements that may result in a well-sculpted look that is aesthetic and without a corresponding increase in strength levels, Masteron is all bark and bite because the body develops strength levels that correspond with the user’s physique. Since water retention reduces drastically, the circulatory system functions better, and with the active pumping of blood all over the body, physical strength and endurance increases. It makes Masteron the perfect steroid for cutting cycles.

People with low body fat and leaner muscles usually have a well-defined physique. It may be improved upon with the use of Masteron. The steroid disposes of the excess water that takes up the space between the muscle and the skin, and this allows the muscles to have more room for expansion. It will leave Masteron users with a well-cut, and perfectly fine-tuned physique because the muscles in the body appear firmer.

During a cutting phase, the body’s energy and calories may diminish. Still, since Masteron affords the body corresponding strength that comes with a newly developed physique, users will have a reliable source of energy to fuel their bodies during the duration of the cutting phase. It completely inhibits the process that leads to weight gain such that this is totally on hold during the cutting period for which it is used. It will also improve endurance and recovery rates and minimize exhaustion in the body. In a nutshell, the benefits of Masteron can be summed up as Fat reduction, firmer and more fine-tuned muscles, improved blood circulation, and the suppression of gynecomastia.

Like every other steroid, Masteron has some unfortunate side effects which users must keep in mind while using this steroid. Although some of these side effects are less severe when compared to other steroids, they must be cautiously avoided as much as possible.                                         Some of these side effects include acne, enlargement of the prostate, and incontrollable hair loss. Masteron may also alter the mood of its users. It may lead to increased rage and aggression and the suppression of androgenic hormone production.

These side effects are relatively mild and moderate and are not life-threatening, as the side effects of other steroids. Some specific medications may also be used to minimize the impact of these side effects. Accutane helps with the management of acne, while Finasteride may be used to mitigate and control hair loss. These medications may also be accompanied by unique side effects, so users should exercise caution with the usage. Adhering to the recommended dosage when administering Masteron will help to control the occurrence and severity of these side effects.


We already mentioned the two forms of Masteron to be Propionate and Enanthate. The propionate variant requires between 350mg to 500mg injection per week. It is usually administered once every 2 days, while the Enanthate variant is administered from 400mg to 600mg twice a week. A complete cycle of Masteron should typically run for about 6 weeks to 10 weeks.

Masteron can be successfully stacked with other steroids. Its utility for cutting cycles makes the selection of a suitable stacking complement quite easy. Some of the examples of the suitable complements for a Masteron include Anadrol, Anavar, Deca Durabolin, and Primobolan