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TB 500 Benefits & Side Effects


The reputation that TB 500 has acquired in recent times has made it a compulsory addition to the collection of determined bodybuilders. This popular supplement is a synthetic representation of an essential peptide known as Thymosin Beta-4. It is, therefore, packed up with organic proteins. From the newbie to the professional, bodybuilders, and athletes are fully aware of the essential role that proteins play for the building and development of muscles. It all explains why TB 500 is increasingly getting popular in bodybuilding and athletic circles.

TB-500 covers a broader range of applications than most peptides in its class. In the animal racing industry, it’s also used for performance enhancement in competitions. It is also used to lower the risks of injuries. People will also find it useful for its many benefits. Why should athletes and bodybuilders use TB 500? We will examine some of the specific benefits to help potential users decide whether to use this supplement.


TB-500 is the synthetic replicate of the protein Thymosin. The peptide is also popularly referred to as TB-500 peptide. Thymosin is a naturally occurring protein in the body produced by humans and other animals. Purchasing this peptide may be a bit difficult, and it is widely used in research studies, particularly research works relating to horses. It is not a surprise since horse racing is one of the most popular competitive sports involving animals.

Thymosin was discovered as a class of peptides in the 1960s. The discovery is credited to the research efforts conducted at Albert Einstein College during this period. Further research was conducted to determine the impact of Thymosin on the immune system of vertebrates.

From the findings of the rigorous research conducted, it was ascertained that this substance has restorative properties that can benefit damaged tissues. It was also discovered that it could quicken the recovery rate from exhaustion and injuries. The primary reason behind the creation of the synthetic version of this substance was because humans and animals produce such an essential protein as Thymosin in relatively small amounts. This background is the foundation behind the creation of TB-500.


TB-500 offers numerous benefits to the users, and bodybuilders and athletes will find the supplement to be quite similar to the human growth hormone in terms of the impact it has on the body. The benefits include but are not limited to the following;
It improves strength levels and facilitates the development of more muscle mass.
TB-500 increases endurance among users.
It is very beneficial for healthy hair growth.
It helps to enhance flexibility.
The peptide quickens the rate of recovery from injuries.
TB-500 helps in the management of pain and inflammation

Many of these benefits are not just claims by the manufacturers but are results of the feedback gotten from the active users of the peptide. It has been dubbed as a beneficial supplement for the management of chronic injuries. It is also useful for injuries that have been managed for extended periods. It is considered to be one of the best in this regard. It is also super beneficial for keeping the tissues surrounding the heart in excellent shape.

The TB-500 benefits are not limited to only humans, as we have already mentioned. Some of the benefits for humans can also be realized in animals. It is usually applied to the management of so many conditions in mammals. Some specific benefits for animals include;
It reduces the occurrence of scars.
It is highly useful for the management of the symptoms of diabetes in canines.
TB-500 boosts stem cell production.
It improves the conditions of blood cells.


It is not uncommon to find people rushing to scoop supplements and other substances which have been confirmed to have excellent benefits. Experienced bodybuilders and athletes know that the informed decision to make before using any supplement is to understand the mechanism of how it works and the pros and cons involved.

TB-500 takes its effect through the regulation of cellular proteins that are responsible for the development and repair of tissues. This process makes the body react positively to the impact of proteins and other essential hormones. The process is popularly referred to as Upregulation.

Actin is an example of one of the hormones that benefit from this process. The Upregulation of actin influences some cell processes such as cell growth, cell migration, and cell reproduction. It also helps to build pathways to the blood vessels and benefits the body tremendously. Another effect this whole process has on the body is “positive inflammation.” It helps the body to channel compounds that can activate healing and restorative procedure to the parts of the body where it is needed. If the muscles are impacted in this regard, it will lead to the enhancement of muscle growth.

The compositional structure of TB-500 is the reason why the peptide has a low molecular weight. Low molecular weight implies that the supplement is mobile and can reach different parts of the body quickly. When this is channeled to workout routines, growth is enhanced and easily facilitated.
In a nutshell, TB-500 can facilitate the repair of tissues, and this is why athletes and bodybuilders using TB-500 can successfully push themselves to the extreme in the gym.


We already identified Thymosin as the active compound in TB-500, which is responsible for all its benefits to the different parts of the body. Once this protein is activated in this synthetic peptide, it moves to the parts of the tissues that require restoration or healing. The synthetic version successfully mimics the Upregulation of actin.

The unique mechanism with which actin quickly impacts the body means that each dose does not necessarily have to be the same when TB-500 is administered. Elevated Thymosin levels will also lead to a corresponding increase in actin production. This whole process will keep the restorative process on the muscles sustained. This effect comes as a piece of excellent news to potential users because TB-500 does not have to be taken frequently; neither must it necessarily be taken in high doses.
The fact the substantial clinical trials conducted on TB-500 were carried out on animals and not humans mean that the appropriate standard for TB-500 dosage is not established. The regular dosage is around 10mg daily, which runs for three days every week. This dosage is, however, lowered to 5mg after some weeks since TB-500 does not have to be taken frequently. This dosage is sufficient to supply the body with the proteins required to actualize optimum benefits.

A lower TB-500 dosage of around 2 mg every few days may be sufficient if the primary purpose of using the peptide is to maintain the system. Generally, the process of establishing the most suitable dosage may require a first series of trials. During the rigors of intense workouts, the level of exertion that the body is made to go through will be the determining factor of the most suitable dosage plan.
The most effective means of administering TB-500 is via injections, as this takes the compounds straight into the bloodstream. There is also the orally administered version for those who dislike needles.


The feedback from TB-500 users has been all positive So far. There has been no record of any adverse side effects experienced after using the peptide. Nonetheless, there are still some noticeable mild effects that may occur, such as nausea and headaches. These side effects mostly occur when the body is still adjusting to the substance, and it may also be attributed to the impact of an alteration in Thymosin levels. After a while, these symptoms disappear.


SRMS and Peptides have attained more fame recently, and this fame is not declining anytime soon. As expected, the popularity of these supplements has increased the manufacture and distribution of products marketed as effective supplements. For this reason, one must be careful to discriminate between the genuine products and those merely sold with marketing gimmicks. Adequate research should be conducted before patronizing any vendor, and one may also read reviews and check the feedback from clients to ascertain how genuine a vendor is. Sometimes sellers deceive potential customers with humongous discounts but sell fake ineffective products so buyers should watch out for such ridiculous offers.

The availability of information on the effect of TB-500 is still limited because the clinical trials conducted so far were mostly on animals, especially horses. Its impact on horses is why it is considered to be highly effective for animals used for racing because it benefits the muscles and helps in preventing injuries. This same effect TB-500 has on horses have been realized in humans. Based on the feedback from users, it speeds up recovery from injuries and limits exhaustion from workouts. It also raises endurance levels and enhances strength and muscle growth.

All these rave reviews show that TB-500 is all that the manufacturers claim that it is. Individuals looking for a performance enhancement supplement that will also help in the management of acute pain will find TB-500 quite useful.