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How to Get Rid of Man Boobs

MAN BOOBS – What does it Mean?

Whether you refer to it as man boobs, male breasts or moobs, this condition refers to the excessive growth of the glandular tissues in the breast. This growth is usually extreme but not harmful. Male boobs emerge when estrogen levels increase while testosterone levels simultaneously decrease in the body. Male boobs may occur as a side effect of certain medications, especially steroids. It is because these medications alter the chemical balance of the body to be effective. Once hormonal imbalance tilts to the extreme, estrogen levels appreciate while testosterone levels depreciate. A glandular enlargement in the breast is medically known as gynecomastia. Pseudo-gynecomastia also occurs with excessive accumulation of fat deposits in the breast.


The emergence of male breasts arises due to gynecomastia. It does not discriminate according to genetics, age, or medical history as long as the conditions that cause it to appear are in place. Pseudo gynecomastia also arises once some situations that trigger it are enabled, but it commonly occurs with men who are susceptible to being overweight and obese. It is a very undesirable condition because people suffering from this condition find it embarrassing. It punctures self-esteem and diminishes confidence levels.

When the breast tissue swells up and becomes more substantial, it leaves a psychological effect. Although everyone shares breast tissues, the accumulation of excessive fats in them makes them swollen, bulkier, and they appear like newly developing breasts of females. Pseudo gynecomastia does not involve the enlargement of glandular tissues but is the excessive accumulation of fat in the breast region. Some men are known to suffer from these two conditions simultaneously.

The list of factors that trigger male boobs includes low testosterone, the use of steroids, alcoholism, obesity, poor dietary habits, age, low libido, the use of certain medications that encourage fat accumulation in the body and as a symptom of some health conditions in the body. Some of the conditions that may manifest male boobs as a symptom are underlying liver disease, kidney disease, and Klinefelter syndrome, a condition where males are born with an extra X chromosome.

Male boobs may persist for a very long time if it is ignored, and this could lead to extreme consequences. It should not be the case, especially since this condition can be effectively prevented and treated. In treating male boobs, one must first discover the cause of this condition. It is because in the case of steroids or other medications, once they are discontinued, the condition may gradually disappear. It has been observed that some men have male boobs as children, but as they grow up and develop further as males, these male boobs eventually disappear, unless there is another underlying reason for it. A general medical check-up and standardized hormonal tests can assist you in locating the cause of your gynecomastia or pseudo-gynecomastia. Several factors may be responsible for these conditions, so it is possible that it is more than one.


Once the cause of male boobs has been ascertained, a dietary habit modification is required to kick start a curative mode. Diet modification is essential and is even a proactive measure for the prevention of male boobs. It is particularly crucial for people who are obese or overweight. In some cases, only a balanced diet that contains essential nutrients may be useful for getting rid of male boobs. This diet should not contain unhealthy foods but should be mainly composed of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and fibers. It should also prioritize micronutrients that balance the good and bad bacteria in the body, as this is required for a hormonal balance in the body. Hormonal imbalance is a breeding condition for male boobs.


Supplements such as legal steroids, which, unlike traditional steroids, do not have such side effects as male boobs may be used in combating male boobs. It is achievable when the excess fat that has accumulated in the chest is transformed into hard muscles. Supplements that increase muscle mass such as Anavar, Dianabol, and Deca Durabolin or their equivalents can be effectively used in this regard. One of the most effective supplements in the market, specially created for the treatment of male boobs is Gynectrol.


Targeted exercises are also useful for getting rid of male boobs. With a balanced diet and a well-structured exercise routine, male boobs can be successfully treated. Exercises that can be used for the management of male boobs vary from one individual to the other and will also be determined by the particular case in view. Factors such as how long this condition has lasted and the amount of fat that has accumulated are all critical factors to be considered. Some men have gotten rid of male boobs with just a daily running routine. Others have successfully achieved this by engaging in weight loss exercises. Chest exercises and endurance training will also help to manage this condition but may not be enough for the total elimination of male boobs.

When choosing a preferred exercise routine, the current level of fitness, weight lifting training history, and recent workout routines will have to be considered. So, in a nutshell, age, body weight, ability, fitness level, and commitment will all count in tackling male boobs.

One useful exercise is the bench press using barbells. To properly stretch the muscle and breast tissues, a wide grip is preferred. In this standard bench press exercise, you lower the bar with the barbells gradually as you inhale, the bar is allowed to get as close to the chest as possible before it is pushed back up to stretch the arms out as you exhale. It is repeated for about 10 times for 3 complete sets. The strength and endurance of the lifter will determine how the weights should be adjusted as the routine advances.

The chest press using dumbbells is another very effective exercise. It is done while lying on your back on a bench. The dumbbells should be ones that require some efforts to lift and should be done with both hands. Both hands should rest adjacent to the chest. The palms should face the thighs and should be held next to the chest on the body’s level in a laid down posture. One dumbbell should be raised to a position above the chest then lowered back then the other dumbbell should also be raised above the chest then lowered again. It should also be repeated for at least 10 times in at least 3 sets.

With the last chest press exercise, the chest fly using dumbbells should not be difficult. The same dumbbells should be used in a lying posture on the bench. The dumbbells should be held above the chest vertically facing up. One palm faces the other inwardly. The arms are bent and lowered with the dumbbells to the side of the chest. At this stage, the muscles should be stretched as much as possible. After this, the dumbbells are lowered back to the side reasonably away from the body. These exercises stretch the tissues and muscles in the chest. Air is inhaled when the dumbbells are lowered and exhaled when it is pushed back up.

The workout routine should be systematic and well structured. If organized to last at for at least 2 months, these exercises could help to get rid of male boobs. These should be organized to commit at least a 1-hour daily routine and should include strength and cardio training routines. Other exercises such as traditional pushups, typewriter pushups, ring dips, chest pas with a medicine ball, and landmine press are all practical additions to the exercise routine.

The plan may also include; various dumbbell exercises, different pushup exercises, high knees, mountain climber, box jump, split jacks, bodyweight pull-ups, ball slam, regular squat, and goblet squat, spider plank, rowing or rowboat, triceps pushdown with reverse grip and burpees.


A healthy diet, the use of supplements, and targeted exercise routines are all effective solutions for the treatment of male boobs. It will, however, depend on the actual cause of this condition. Once this is ascertained, the most effective solution can be selected. These 3 effective solutions may also be combined to be on the safer side and to find a permanent solution to gynecomastia or pseudo-gynecomastia as the case may be.