Sustanon: The Comprehensive Steroid Manual


Sometimes shortened and referred to as Sust, this steroid manufactured from the stables of Organon, a fast-rising pharmaceutical company with some years on its belt, has grown rapidly to a steroid with a considerable reputation in the bodybuilding community. Results from Sustanon are quite impressive, and this has made it a popular choice for bodybuilders and athletes. As is customary with most steroids, some very undesirable side effects have been associated with Sustanon. Sustanon is also an illegal steroid in the United States and so many other developed countries of the world. Although Sustanon comes with a number of risks, this has not stopped bodybuilders from becoming addicted to this steroid. Sustanon is a popular anabolic steroid used by both bodybuilders and athletes. As a consequence, there are several things that you need to understand before you use this drug.


Sustanon is a combination of four unique testosterone esters, and this feature distinguishes it from other steroids. The idea this supports is delivering the single release of this hormone from every injection that is administered. One other unique and distinguishing feature of Sustanon is that its composition is an assortment of blended testosterone. Every single dose of Sustanon administered is testosterone being transmitted into the body.

Known for building muscle mass, strength levels, and increasing power, Sustanon has been around for quite a while now. In this period, it has acquired its reputation for effectiveness and utility based on the impressive results it delivers. Sustanon uniquely utilizes a blend of four different orders to produce the results for which it is known. As per, a pioneer source of body building supplements like testosterone boosters and other supplements for weight loss and muscle gain, It makes it utterly different from Testosterone Propionate that has just one ester. Esters are the carbon links that are connected to the molecules of testosterone. These esters are created to regulate the release of hormones in the body.

With Sustanon, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are faced with a two-pronged situation. They are first required to keep a consistent concentration of the hormone in their body. Keeping this supply stable will lead to the realization of anabolic-androgenic effects. They are also faced with the potential unattractive and terrible side effects that may arise if the hormone levels become disorganized in the body. Sustanon’s utility can be derived from these two possible instances.

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Asides from its capacity to speed up the release of testosterone in the body, the benefits that may be realized from using Sustanon are numerous. Quickening the release of testosterone is its most important benefit because this release endures for long periods and leads to other immensely great benefits.

Sustanon is effective and widely accepted because it delivers its results rapidly. The benefit expected from the steroid does not take time before they begin to manifest. With Sustanon and within a short period, users will begin to experience enhanced muscle growth. During the process of impacting the body’s muscles, Sustanon keeps the lean muscle mass protected. With these two desirable benefits from Sustanon, it is not hard to understand how it has created its buzz in the industry and why bodybuilders take a liking to this steroid.

Sustanon’s impact on muscle endurance is also on a significant scale. When this endurance is coupled with the gains of an increased strength level, users will experience a surge of energy that will get them more during workouts. The harder bodybuilders work in the gym, the brighter their chances of reaching their fitness goals, and with Sustanon, they become much closer to these goals. Users of Sustanon, especially those into competitive athletics, have reportedly experienced enhanced performance which they attribute to the steroid.

It is founded on the fact that the impact of Sustanon which includes improved strength and endurance, the improvement of recovery rate and reduction of workout exhaustion create room for forming habits that encourage overall improvement in performance. Sustanon has also been reportedly linked to minimizing the possible damage on the muscles as a result of intense workouts. It is fantastic news to bodybuilders and athletes as what they gain stays protected. In closing, the amount of Sustanon needed for the excellent benefits associated with it is lesser when compared to other options available in the market.


When appreciating the advantages of discovery, we must also endeavour to understand the disadvantages. Steroids are dreaded for their side effects, and this is what makes steroids controversial pharmaceutical products. The side effects of steroids usually occur from the estrogenic aspect and the androgenic aspects. For this reason, one must exercise caution and beware while using steroids. One way to be very cautious is to use the proper dosage recommended. Drug abuse or misuse does not make it more efficient. Adhering to recommended dosage of Sustanon will, however, minimize the occurrence of side effects.

Some of the most frequently reported side effects of Sustanon are acne, oily skin, and water retention. Other conditions such as the appearance of male boob, also known as Gynecomastia, testicular atrophy and the diminishing of the sperm count may arise. These last two symptoms may affect the user’s sex drive physically and psychologically.

Sustanon has also been known to cause mood swing and increase blood pressure and cholesterol. It is often as a result of the alteration of the body’s chemical balance.

One of Sustanon’s most attractive features that distinguish this hormone is the steroid’s versatility. It makes it capable of being used for bulking and cutting cycles. Sustanon has high utility and is highly effective, even when stacked with other anabolic options so bodybuilders may find this as excellent news. The typical dosage of Sustanon injections to be taken should start from 500mg per week. Sustanon should be purchased directly from its manufacturers. Sustanon is best stacked with Dianabol, Deca Durabolin and Anastrozole. Anastrozole may help to minimize the retention of water from Sustanon.


Sustanon remains in the system for a very long time and has been known to last for like three whole months at the least. This information is relevant to users because as we have already mentioned, Sustanon is illegal in the United States and most developed countries.

Although the side effects associated with Sustanon are conditions we will ordinarily want to avoid, the potential benefit that this hormone will give to the body makes it almost irresistible. One way to reduce the side effects to the barest minimum is to abide by the dosage recommendations that have been advised.