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Trenavar Dosage, Cycle & Side Effects


For the achievement of bodybuilding goals and the improvement of weight lifting performance, weightlifters have been using Prohormones for so many years. Prohormones quickly gained full acceptance among bodybuilders because these supplements were less aggressive than anabolic steroids. The obsession with steroids waned when facts began to emerge about how dangerous these chemical substances are, and the stigma these consequences have caused is not going away anytime soon. We do not give too many props to prohormones, they are also dangerous to an unreasonable extent, but they just weren’t as deadly as steroids.

It has made prohormones a much more preferred alternative. The developments of companies like Crazy Bulk has eliminated the need to risk the side effects of anabolic steroids and prohormones. Nonetheless, there is still an ongoing debate as to whether using prohormones are always worth the risk.

One of the most popular prohormones which most bodybuilders must have come across at one point or the other is Trenavar. Trenavar gives the most desirable bodybuilding results, but some not so desirable side effects accompany this. This prohormone is known to help in building lean muscle mass and getting rid of excess fat from the body.

The muscles developed are therefore firm, pronounced and well sculpted. Trenavar is also known to increase strength and endurance levels significantly. Now as incredible as all these benefits may sound to its potential user, Trenavar is a collection of benefits and serious consequences. Analyzing the benefits to risk ratio is the only way to fully understand if attempting to try out this prohormone still is advisable.

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Trenbolone and Anavar are two familiar names for those who follow the pharmaceutical and supplement markets keenly. These two names sound familiar and seem to be where Trenavar derived its name from because the Prohormones is a combination of these two steroids. Those who are aware of the potency of Trenbolone and Anavar should have a clue about what Trenavar should feel like because it mimics the effects of these two supplements. Trenavar stands out as the prohormones with benefits that are closest to what you can get from steroids.

The newbie to steroids will easily confuse Trenavar as Trenbolone because of the name, but these two are entirely different supplements that should not be mistaken with each other. While Trenbolone is a steroid with 17b hydroxyl function, Trenavar has a 17-ketone. It makes Trenavar more complicated than Trenbolone. Trenavar is sold as a dietary supplement, but it is transformed and performs the productive functions of Trenbolone once it is hydrolyzed in the body.

This pattern is how most prohormones realize their effectiveness, but these prohormones are weaker versions of Trenbolone and the likes once they are converted. It is another reason why Trenavar stands out among prohormones. It becomes a more powerful version of Trenbolone when it is hydrolyzed in the body. Another distinguishing feature is the fact that Trenavar can be administered orally, and this makes it preferred to Trenbolone which is usually applied by injections.

Trenavar is an easily accessible alternative to Trenbolone. Even the price tag of the latter makes its purchase more discouraging, especially since it is three times the price of Trenavar. It makes a purchase preference of Trenavar to Trenbolone an economically sound decision.


Trenavar may be applied to both bulking and cutting cycles, although it is more utilized for cutting. There are so many incredible benefits that can be realized from using Trenavar. The benefits include the elimination of excess fat, increase in strength and endurance levels, mass gain, and high vascularity. Ultimately, Trenavar will deliver excellent results for those who are looking for that impressive and imposing well-pronounced physique. It will also help to eliminate the excess fat that may frustrate a well-defined physique.


Although Trenavar is pegged as a prohormone, using this supplement is not entirely safe for humans. It is because the underlying compositional structure of the supplement is similar to what may be found in some steroids. In addition to this, since Trenavar works like the steroid Trenbolone, it is only expected that it will possess some if not all the undesirable effects derived from the steroid. The potential side effects that come with Trenavar include:

Higher Aggression Levels – the level of aggression increases during a Trenavar cycle. Users may easily be frustrated by the most inconsequential and mundane things that ordinarily make up their day to day activity. Although aggression is needed to fuel the hunger for excellent workout results, it becomes a problem when this aggression cannot be controlled outside the gym.

Higher Blood Pressure – People who are suffering from blood pressure conditions should endeavour to consult with their medical doctors before using Trenavar. Trenavar, like other popular prohormones, is known to raise blood pressure, and this condition may persist after the supplement has been discontinued.

Liver toxicityOne of the most dangerous side effects associated with steroids is the pressure that it mounts on the liver. Trenavar is no different in this regard. The supplement is hydrolyzed and converted into Trenbolone in the liver. It puts a severe strain on the organ. The use of medications that support liver health is highly recommended when on a Trenavar cycle. It reduces the pressure on the organ. Avoiding alcohol which puts the liver at risk is also highly recommended.

Testosterone Suppression – Any performance enhancement supplement that boosts testosterone production in the body will eventually affect the natural production of testosterone. It conditions the body to rely on the external production process, thereby shutting down the natural process. It is one of the reasons why Post cycle therapy is essential after the use of Trenavar.

Unusual Hair Loss – This is mainly the case for those who are at risk of going bald. The use of Trenavar triggers unexpected hair loss among its users and worsens already existing conditions.


Most of the side effects that are associated with steroids, prohormones and other supplements are usually worsened because proper caution is exercised when taking these medications. Drug misuse or abuse can easily trigger side effects that should preferably be avoided.

A complete Trenavar cycle lasts for 4 weeks, and this brief cycle ensures that the prohormone does not put the liver and the blood pressure at too much risk. Anything longer than this may have severe consequences for the user. Bodybuilders who are known to administer Trenavar for more than 4 weeks for more visible results should understand that the risk surpasses the reward.

New users should go for around 10mg to 20mg of Trenavar daily, but the experienced users can take that up a notch to approximately 40mg to 60mg daily. This daily dosage regimen can be divided into two and should be closely monitored to understand how the body reacts to the supplements. I will help users decide if the dosage should be increased or decreased accordingly.

Since prohormones indirectly alter the hormonal balance in the body, the use of Trenavar should be followed by post cycle therapy. It will help to assess the risks the supplement has exposed to the liver, assess blood pressure and also restore hormonal balance in the body.

Trenavar can also be stacked with other steroids, but this should only be attempted by those who are very experienced with the use of steroids because it requires high tolerance levels. Some of the effective stacking options include; Primobolan, Deca Durabolin, Equipoise, Epistanne etc. Any of these combinations should not be attempted by beginners, even though they improve the results of the cycle, Trenavar is still very active on its own.

Trenavar is legal in most countries such as the United Kingdom, but this prohormone is a controlled substance in the United States. The classification of the supplement varies with nations. It is best to check the status of the supplement where one is before deciding on it.


Even though the purpose of reading reviews and manuals such as this is to help the decision of supplements and steroids, we will leave this particular final assessment open and dependent on the reader. One thing that must be mentioned, however, is that Trenavar is a potent prohormone and is quite useful in its functions. The decision to use such a powerful supplement or go for the healthier alternatives is entirely up to the user. Still, we should remind bodybuilders that some steroids and supplements are better for those who are advanced bodybuilders while some are suitable for those who are just getting introduced to the world of steroids.

Whatever the case may be, users should endeavour to consider the proper way to use this supplement to avoid experiencing the terrible side effects it has.