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Which Of The Following Does Not Produce Steroid Hormones

It’s no secret that steroid hormones are essential for many aspects of human biology. They are used by the body to stimulate growth and development, to produce energy, and more. But what many people don’t know is that steroids can also be produced synthetically in the laboratory. This is why it’s important to be aware of which of the following does not produce steroid hormones: 1. Pharmaceuticals 2. Foods 3. Environmental pollutants 4. Chemicals in personal care products


Cows are not able to produce steroid hormones.


Pigs are not known to produce steroid hormones.


The horse does not produce steroid hormones.


Some animals do not produce steroid hormones, while others produce only very small levels. Some plants also lack steroid hormones, but they can synthesize them from other chemicals if needed. The types of animals and plants that do not produce steroid hormones are listed below.


A ketogenic diet does not generally produce steroid hormones, unlike a standard American diet. This means that the ketogenic diet is a healthier way to eat, as it doesn’t put your body in anabolic or androgenic hormonal overdrive.