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How To Spot A Steroid User

Steroids have long been a part of professional and amateur sports. They’re often used by people looking to increase their strength, speed, and endurance. But as with all things, there’s a cost to using steroids. And that cost is often in the form of steroid abuse. Steroid abuse can take many forms, from casual use to full-blown addiction. If you think someone you know may be abusing steroids, don’t just wait for them to hurt themselves or others; get help! Here are some signs to look for when identifying steroid abuse:

Characteristics of a Steroid User

There are various ways to spot a steroid user. Some of the more common are listed below:

1) Excessive muscle growth or weight gain. This is often an early sign that someone is using steroids, as steroids can increase muscle mass and decrease fat tissue.
2) Changes in hair texture or color. Steroids can cause hair to grow in places it never before grew (such as on the face or trunk), or they can cause hair to be less dense and darker than normal.
3) Increased aggression, mood swings, and irritability. These changes may be due to increased levels of testosterone, which can impact a person’s mood and behavior in unpredictable ways.
4) Changes in sexual function. Steroids can cause changes in libido, sex drive, and ejaculatory performance. They may also lead to reduced sperm count or infertility.

The Signs Your Partner or Friend is Taking Steroids

If you’re worried about your partner or friend taking steroids, there are a few key signs to look out for. Here are four of the most common:

1. Increased muscle mass and size. This is probably the most common sign of steroid use, as users will often see an increase in muscle mass and size. This can be accompanied by a decrease in body fat, as well as increased strength and power.

2. Unusual hair growth patterns. Steroid use can lead to an increase in hair growth patterns, such as thickening of the hair on the scalp or elsewhere on the body. This can be extremely noticeable and may lead to significant changes in appearance if not treated properly.

3. Changes in mood and behaviour. If your partner or friend is using steroids, they may experience changes in mood and behaviour that are not normal for them. They may become aggressive or moody, for example, which can be unsettling for both parties involved.

4. Excessive sweating or fluid retention. Steroids can cause severe sweating and fluid retention, which can result in weight gain even if there is no change in caloric intake. This can be a major sign that someone is using steroids, especially if they have never exhibited any other signs of being disturbed by their physique or health habits before this point

How to Handle a Steroid User

If you are ever approached by someone who you believe is using steroids, here is what to do:

-Take a step back and assess the situation. Is this person acting suspiciously? Does their behavior seem out of the ordinary?
-Get as much information as possible about what they are saying. Do they have any physical evidence of using steroids? (syringes, needles, etc.)
-Talk to a trusted friend or family member for advice. They may be able to provide some insight into the situation.
-Call the police if necessary. Let them know what you are observing and ask for their help in investigating.


If you’re concerned someone you know is using steroids, there are a few things to watch for. First and foremost, look for any sudden changes in their appearance or behavior. Steroids can dramatically change your body composition, leading to an increase in muscle mass and decrease in body fat – both of which will be noticeable on the surface. Additionally, steroid users may start exhibiting signs of aggression or mood swings, as well as significant increases in strength and endurance. If you think someone you know might be using steroids, it’s important to talk to them about it and get their thoughts on whether they might need help resolving their concerns.