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How Long Does Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection Last

Cervical epidural steroid injection is a procedure used to relieve pain in the neck and shoulders. It’s usually performed as an outpatient treatment, and it has a relatively short duration of effect. Here are some key facts about cervical epidural steroid injection that you may want to know: It causes mild sedation It lasts for around six hours It can be repeated multiple times If you experience side effects from the injection, they typically last for around two hours If you have any questions about the procedure or its side effects, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor. In the meantime, read on for more information about cervical epidural steroid injection.

What is a Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection?

A cervical epidural steroid injection is a medication that is injected into the space around the spinal cord in order to provide relief from pain in the neck or back. This type of injection generally lasts for about four days and can be repeated as needed. The most common side effects associated with cervical epidural steroid injections are headache, nausea, and vomiting.

How Does Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection Work?

Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection works by numbing the area around the spinal cord. This has a numbing effect on the nerves which send signals to your body. This reduces pain and allows you to get relief from your headache, neck pain, or back pain. The effects of cervical epidural steroid injection usually last for around 3-6 hours. However, this may vary depending on the person receiving the injection and their individual symptoms.

Side Effects of a Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection

Epidural steroids are medications that are injected into the epidural space in order to treat pain. Side effects of epidural steroids can include headache, dizziness, and fatigue. Epidural steroid injections can last up to six hours, and some people may experience these side effects for several days after receiving the injection.

When to Call an Emergency Room After a Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection

If you experience any of the following after a cervical epidural steroid injection, please call an emergency room:

severe headache
blurred vision or double vision
difficulty breathing