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A Complete Manual for Using Testosterone Propionate


The competition in the world of bodybuilding and sports, in general, is forever high and this is not going to come to an end anytime soon. The desire to build stronger muscles faster, to improve performance and to recover more quickly from exhausting workouts keeps bodybuilders in research mode always. Professional athletes and bodybuilders alike are continually searching for supplements that will up their game and give them an advantage over the competition, which is quite high. This search has over time revealed to everyone that certain supplements might help those who desire impressive results to come close to their desires. The sports industry has been experiencing an overabundance of supplements that claim to be “performance enhancing” and “muscle building”. Despite the fact that some of these drugs are controlled, they can still be purchased by the general public due to their extensive benefits.

The use of Testosterone supplements is well known in the bodybuilding and athletic industry. Some conditions that affect training and performance are due to the low levels of testosterone in the system. Some of these include hypogonadism, low libido, delay in growth and puberty etc. Testosterone supplements may also be used to treat breast cancer and as a replacement therapy administered to those going through gender reassignment. There are so many testosterone supplements that are used to treat these conditions and Testosterone propionate is one of the most well-known of them all. This article is detailed information on what Testosterone Propionate is all about.


Testosterone propionate is an androgenic and an anabolic steroid just like other testosterone boosting supplements. It is a testosterone ester, and its first synthesis was around 1936/1937. Before this period, testosterone supplements were absorbed and eliminated from the body quickly because there were no ester groups linked to the molecular structure of testosterone supplements. With the innovative attachment of esters, testosterone release is delayed, and the biochemical process of these supplements in the body is more gradual and effective.

With this development, testosterone supplements became more attractive because they were more economical and also more effective. Although research has continued and improved versions of esters supported testosterone supplements are popping up every day, the use of testosterone propionate has not waned. Many still find this supplement as the most suitable for both medical and even recreational use.

Testosterone is one of the essential hormones that ensure the proper functioning of the body system and a deficiency of this hormone leads to so many undesirable conditions in the body. Testosterone helps in properly developing the muscles, bones, genitals and muscles. It is an essential hormone for the transformations that come with puberty. Its importance for growth and development also means production decreases as we age, and there arises the need to supplement its production. It is because low testosterone levels in the body which is familiar to the aged and even the young in recent times may lead to conditions such as anxiety, depression, low libido, low motivation and some developmental problems in the younger people. When the production of testosterone is supplemented in the body, it can exponentially improve the overall wellbeing of individuals. It has even been successfully applied in veterinary medicine for growth and developmental purposes in livestock.


Testosterone propionate is a favourite of bodybuilders for its many anabolic properties for which it is applied. It is asides the major medical applications that this supplement has. When the body’s testosterone levels are abundantly available, it reflects on athletic performance and the physique of individuals. This hormone is known to lower cortisol which is a stress hormone and the damaging effects it has on the body. It also facilitates an increased synthesis of protein which helps to sustain muscle growth and development. This supplement is also known to increase general strength and endurance in the body. When this is combined with a healthy balanced diet, the result is better training and eventually an improved performance.


Although there are wonderful benefits to be derived from Testosterone propionate, there are also severe consequences that may arise as we already mentioned. The caution exercised while administering this supplement will determine what side effects will manifest. The recommendation and close supervision of a medical professional will also play an important role as all this will regulate the use of the supplement and prevent abuse or misuse. The side effects associated with testosterone propionate are common to most testosterone supplements. These side effects include headaches, moodiness, anxiety, acne, oily skin, aggression, nausea and an increase in the size of male breasts.

The more severe side effects are the supplement’s risk to the liver, insulin resistance and the danger it poses to the cardiovascular system. It enlarges the heart and drops down the good cholesterol in the body. Testosterone propionate may also increase the risk of suffering from high blood pressure. All these terrible conditions may lead to stroke, heart attack and the deadliest of all, which is death. All these are reasons why the use of testosterone propionate most be closely supervised. The use of Testosterone propionate by women may lead to the manifestation of male secondary sexual features such as a deeper voice and unusual hair growth all over the body. It also affects the menstrual cycle. All these symptoms are caused by the alteration the supplement does to the body’s hormonal structure.

The benefit to risk ratio of testosterone propionate has been studied extensively, and most people are fully aware of the findings associated with this supplement. Testosterone Propionate is a prescription supplement, and in most developed countries, the possession is highly controlled. To acquire testosterone propionate legally in the United States requires a doctor’s prescription. Still, like most steroids and other similarly controlled testosterone boosters, they may be accessed via the black market, but the quality and reliability of these products are questionable.


Testosterone propionate is administered via an intramuscular injection. It must under no condition be administered intravenously. Testosterone is administered more frequently than other testosterone supplements such as Testosterone Enanthate which it is mostly compared. Testosterone propionate sometimes interacts with blood-thinning drugs so users should beware of this. The typical cycle for this supplement is repeated every 8 to 10 weeks, and it is usually administered daily during this period. The administration of testosterone propionate will be determined by prevailing testosterone levels, age, gender and the condition it is meant to treat. The most obtainable dosage runs around 50mg to 100mg.


This manual is written for information purpose only. Before administering supplements and steroids which have potent effects on the body, it is advisable to consult your medical professional. The manual is an attempt at breaking down how Testosterone works and the benefits and impact on the body. It is evident that while this testosterone supplement may give the body some fantastic benefits, there also some serious adverse side effects that may be experienced. So in essence, for those who are convinced that they need Testosterone propionate, confirming from a professional before administering the supplement to regulate its use is very important.