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Can You Use Artificial Tears With Steroid Eye Drops

When you’re dealing with a dry eye condition like Sjogren’s syndrome, it can be tough to find products that work well together. This is especially true if you have to take multiple medications at once. Luckily, there are several products on the market that are designed to help treat dry eyes and steroid eye drops are one of them. In this article, we will explore how artificial tears work with steroid eye drops and how these products can help you get the most out of your treatment.

What is an artificial tear?

Artificial tears are a type of eye drop that help to moisten the eyes. They are available over-the-counter (OTC) and can be used with steroid eye drops. Artificial tears are usually made from saline or glycerin and can be flavored with various artificial sweeteners. There are also “no-flavor” versions of artificial tears available.

How do artificial tears work?

Artificial tears are medications that consist of a solution of saline and other chemicals. They are used to moisten the eye and relieve dryness. Artificial tears work by breaking down the surface tension in the tear film, which causes it to evaporate and relieves pain and discomfort. They are typically used in combination with steroid eye drops to treat various conditions such as red eyes, blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid), dry eye syndrome, Sjogren’s syndrome (a chronic immune system disorder), ocular allergies, and infection.

What are the side effects of using artificial tears with steroid eye drops?

There are a few potential side effects of using artificial tears with steroid eye drops. You may experience irritation or redness in your eyes, and you may also see changes in your vision. If either of these things happen, stop using the drops and talk to your doctor.

Can you use artificial tears with other types of eye drops?

If you are using a steroid eye drop, it is important to know that artificial tears will not help. Steroid eye drops work by reducing inflammation and watering eyes. Artificial tears do not have this effect and will just make the mixture more irritating


There are a few things you should keep in mind when using steroid eye drops and artificial tears. First, make sure to follow the dosing instructions that come with your medication. Second, be aware that some ingredients in artificial tears can interact with steroids, so it’s important to read the package label thoroughly before using them together. Finally, always contact your doctor if you experience any unusual symptoms while taking these medications — even if they seem relatively benign.